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Monday, October 27, 2008

Chinese Set Dinner

联 邦 酒 店 二 楼 龙 凤 厅 Mandarin Palace (M) Sdn Bhd

35, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
2nd Floor,
The Federal Hotel,
55100 Kua
la Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-21489166, 03-21488144
Direct Line: 03-21483360, 03-21488744

(GPS Location: N03 08.906' E101 42.971')

This restaurant had been recognized by Malaysia Tatler for numerous times.

Inside the restaurant,

October 27, 2008. Dinner with immediate family of 13 people.

We ordered a set dinner which consists of:
四 喜 冷 热 拼
Four Hot & Cold Combination

海 鲜 蚧 星 翅
Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Roe & Seafood

港 式 吊 烧 鸭
Roasted Duckling "Hong Kong" style

清 蒸 银 雪 鱼
Steamed Cod Fish in Superior Soya Sauce

泰 式 鲜 草 虾
Fried Tiger Prawns in "Thai" style

冬 菇 花 玉 环
Braised Mushroom & Dried Scallop in Marrow

香 港 糯 米 饭
Fried Glutinous Rice "Hong Kong" style

鸳 鸯 炸 锅 饼
Two Varieties of Chinese Pancake

椰 汁 栗 米 露
Sweet Corn Cream with Coconut Milk

How much?
It cost us around RM1000+ for 13 pax.

Four Hot & Cold Combination

This combination consists of baby octopus and jellyfish, sweet sauced chicken, spring roll with eggs, and fried egg.

The fried egg was quite well done and tastes different from what we get outside. The others were normal.

Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Roe & Seafood

The shark's fin soup was rich with lots of crab roe and seafood, e.g prawns and squids.

The texture was smooth and the taste was excellent, very appetizing indeed.

It tastes rather sweet and it isn't starchy.
But for the sour lovers, you could add some vinegar in the soup.

Roasted Duckling "Hong Kong" style

Crispy skin, soft and juicy meat.
Goes nice with the sauce provided.

Steamed Cod Fish in Superior Soya Sauce

The cod fish was very fresh and the texture of the fish was flaky and soft.

Even my brother who dislikes steamed fish asked for more!

Fried Tiger Prawns in "Thai" style

The prawns were served with onions, red chillies, pineapples, and pickled mangoes.

The taste of the prawns were a little bit spicy and sour to excite the taste buds. This dish was definitely tantalizing to the mouth.

Braised Mushroom & Dried Scallop in Marrow

The mushrooms were big and surprisingly, very soft. One bite into the mushroom, and the gravy fills the mouth with savory taste.

The whole scallop was stuffed into the marrow without spoiling its original shape. The scallop was fresh, soft and sweet, and goes well with the marrow which was stewed to perfection. ( a little bit crunchy yet not too soft)

Fried Glutinous Rice "Hong Kong" style

It was very well done, not too oily nor too salty or sticky.
It's different from the glutinous rice we usually get from the dim sum shops.
It's filling to the stomach.

Two Varieties of Chinese Pancake

It comes with two varieties:
Red bean paste & Lotus paste.

It was crunchy and wasn't too sweet. They weren't stingy with the fillings.

Recommendable for a simple dessert.

Sweet Corn Cream with Coconut Milk

The sweet corn cream was smooth and not too thick in texture. Corn and sago can be found in this dessert. It was served lukewarm and wasn't too sweet. It was just the right dessert to end the dinner.

Great atmosphere. Soothing music were played throughout the dinner.
It provides a peaceful and calm atmosphere to eat.
Other than that, the service provided was good.

I recommend this place for family dinners or even business discussion.
However, the price is slightly expensive. So, do check your budget before venturing.
Nevertheless, it's a good place with quality food.

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