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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Restoran Hock Thai
, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


November 1, 2008. Lunch with family of five.

We ordered 4 bowls of 'pan mee' and one claypot 'loh shee fun'.

How much?
'Pan mee': Big serving- RM4.30
Small serving- RM3.80

Claypot 'loh shee fun': RM4.30


The special and unique thing of this bowl of 'pan mee' is that it is hand-made.

The 'pan mee' is smooth, and it isn't too soft. Since it is hand-made, its texture is a little starchy yet easily bitten.

The ingredients in the 'pan mee' are simple and common. There are a lot of anchovies, mushrooms, minced meat and vegetables.

Other than that, the soup is clear and tasty.

Lime is served along with the chilly provided.

I suggest you to squeeze the lime into the soup to give the soup a tinge of sourness.

The ordinary soup becomes delicious, thanks to the lime juice!

This is also why I find this bowl of 'pan mee' different from the others we get else where.

Comments: In my opinion, this is one of the best 'pan mee' I've ever eaten eventhough it is simple and the ingredients are common enough. The price is also absolutely reasonable.
However, the 'pan mee' is only available during lunch time.
My brother loves this 'pan mee' a lot!


This claypot 'loh shee fun' contains ingredients such as minced meat, pork balls, lettuce, and a sunny side up egg.

The 'loh shee fun' is very soft and starchy.

This is another simple meal, isn't excellent, but I'm sure you will enjoy it!

'Cili Padi' and their self-made chilly.

Comments: I would rate this claypot 'loh shee fun' as 'simply simple', nothing spectacular, but it is definetely recommendable for a simple lunch.

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