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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Paramount Garden Restaurant

Paramount Garden Restaurant is a shop that specializes in pan mee. Hence it offers many variety of pan mee. Nonetheless, the shop also serves rice and even grilled fish.

55 Jalan 21/12, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

11 January 2009. We went there with another family, there are a total of nine of us.

Our orders includes dry Spinach , Carrot Mixed Pan Mee, Spinach & Carrot Mixed Pan Mee in soup and Chicken & mushroom Steamed Rice

How Much?
Spinach & Carrot Mixed Pan Mee cost RM4.60

Before I start on the food, I have to give credit to the restaurant's owner's for their liberty in providing many 'essentials' in abundance when eating in their restaurant.
That includes as seen below, vineger and chilli sauce!


Chilli sauce

Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee Dry Style
Here we have, the Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee Dry Style. You can't see much different in this Pan Mee from traditional Pan Mee. There are actually Green (Spinach) and Yellowish orange (carrot) Pan Mee in this plate. However, due to the black sauce, what you see is not much different from traditional Pan Mee. The ingredient includes anchovies (ikan billis), black fungus, sliced mushroom, minced meat with some vegetable with black sauce. If you add a little bit of vinegar and chilli, it make the taste stand out. (IT'S YUMMY!)

Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee in Soup

Here, you could see quite clearly that there are two type of Pan Mee mixed together, which is as mentioned earlier; consists of carrot and Spinach Pan Mee. The soup Pan Mee look more appetizing and presentable, not as messy as in the dry type. But if it is more about preference, both have it's own particular appealing taste.

A closer look at the Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee in soup form.

Chicken and Mushroom Steam Rice

A closer look at the chicken, mushroom Steam Rice with eggs

Not Really Traditional, Chicken and Mushroom Steam Rice.

Here is food for thought. On the menu it says steam rice, but no matter how I look at what I was served there and then, it definitely looked more like rice (un-steamed rice) on hot plate to me, unless the definition of steam rich has changed for the past, ahem.. years I've been living. Anyways steam rice or not, its the taste that matters. And boy, I wasn't disappointed. The rice was served with as per the title of the dish - naturally chicken and mushroom with egg. At first I thought the serving of chicken was small, but I was surprised that despite having only three pieces of meat, it was enough and had me full. But the star of the dish wasn't chicken nor the mushroom but the sauce it came with. The sauce is really spicy as it was cooked with dried chillies. It certainly add the extra oomph to the chicken and mushrooms as well as add more flavour to the un-steamed rice. This is a dish that is highly recommended and truly a hidden gem among the other pan mee orientated dishes that the shop offers.

If enjoy eating Pan Mee or Chicken Mushroom steam rice, it is worthwhile to pay a visit to Paramount Garden Restaurant and experience the unique taste that the restaurant has to offer for the Pan Mee and the steamed rice.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SFS Kopitiam

It is really a challenge to visit SFS Kopitiam as it is located at an ever congested place at Aman Suria with limited car parks. The situation become worse when people just make double parking as they like. The restaurant is always crowded. I have personally visited the Kopitiam twice; once during a weekday, and once on a Saturday, on both occasions the restaurant was packed. My favourite is the Char Siew Wan Tan Curry Mee. However, because of the crowd, one need to be extremely patient to wait in order to enjoy the food.

Jalan PJU 1/3C
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre.

10 January 2009

We ordered 5 plates of dry Char Siew Wantan Mee and one additional bowl of Wantan.

How Much?
Each plate of dry Char Siew Wantan Mee (small) cost RM4.50
Additional bowl of Wanton cost us RM3.50

Wantan with the soup
Char Siew Wantan Mee (Roast Pork Dumpling Noodles)
Here you have it! Your traditional and simple Wantan mee that many would have already tried and ate before. However, what sets it apart from other Wantan noodles, is surprisingly NOT its...noodles.
In fact what made this plate of Wantan mee so different is its pork. The pork that comes with the noodles is unlike normal roast pork that you would normally have. The difference is that it comes with extra layers of fat that is not removed from the slices of pork meat. Normally, hawker stall owners would remove the fat before roasting the pork, however for this stall, the pork meat, fat and all are cooked together to come out with a different texture of roast pork meat that blends in with the pork fat to create a whole new different texture of pork meat unlike the ordinary.

Additional Bowl of Wanton Soup

Apart from the pork, the rest that came with the plate of Wantan noodles was rather average. The wantan wasn't spectacular, just your ordinary wantan with prawn and chicken fillings in a bowl of MSG soup. Nonetheless, with that said, the great tasting pork overshadows all the other 'shortcomings' or rather 'as expected of ' feelings of the wantan and the noodles to make me come back for more (THOUGH BEWARE OF WAITING TIME!) As I have mentioned earlier, Char Siew Wantan Curry Mee is another "must try" noodle from this stall.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Restoran Sorn

Restoran Sorn offers a variety of food with reasonable prices. It is a good place to go for lunch. It may be crowded at peak hours, so do come early and grab a seat!

Corner of Jalan 20/14
(Behind O&S Restaurant)
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya

January 4, 2009. Lunch for a family of five.


We ordered 2 Herbal Kuih Cap
1 Roast and BBQ Pork Rice (char siew siu yoke fan)
1 Claypot Loshefun
1 Hotplate noodle

1 Fruit Rojak

How much?

Herbal Kuih Cap @ RM5.00
Roast and BBQ Pork Rice @ RM5.00
Claypot Loshefun @ RM4.50
Hotplate noodle @ RM5.00
Fruit Rojak @ RM5.00

Herbal Kuih Cap (Kuey Chap)

Herbal Kuih Cap (Kuey Chap)

Kuey Chap, is a hokkien for the word for ''Cake'' and ''Mixed or what Malaysians would like to refer as "campur". The word "cake" describes the use of rice flour in making the "kuey" (something alike with kuey teow but thicker and in small sheets); The word "mixed" describes the use of an assortment of pork parts. In Penang, Johor and Singapore, they usually use duck parts and duck based soup.

The Kuey Chap you can find here is served with lean pork, fatty pork, pork stomach, pork intestines, pork ear, 'taufu pok' and hard-boiled egg. The soup is herbal in nature and sour based chili sauce is served together to make the dish appetizing.

Roast and BBQ Pork Rice
This stall is generous with the food portion.
It comes with a bowl of vegetable soup.
It isn't anything spectacular however it is simple, presentable and filling to the stomach.

Claypot Loshefun (Loh Shee Fun) (*highly recommended!)
The Loh Shee Fun was served with ample amount of minced pork and a raw egg in the middle. Chopped spring onions were sprinkled on it too.
It was served while it's steaming hot, therefore you could see the raw egg being slowly cooked by the heat. (HOW COOL IS THAT!)
You have to stir the minced pork and the egg together to mix with the noodles.
This dish is simply delicious and is compatible with other restaurants eventhough this is only a hawker stall.
We highly recommend this dish to you!

Hot Plate Noodles
The noodles was served with chicken meat, big black mushrooms and a raw egg.
The gravy goes well with the noodles.
In my opinion, it is nothing special as compared to other hot plate noodles.

Fruit Rojak
The Rojak comes with a variety of fruits and some vegetables, including pineapple, guava, pickled mangoes, cucumber and turnips. It is mixed with a thick sauce comprising of dark soy sauce, prawn paste (har gou), sugar and crushed peanuts.

The coffee shop is clean and spacious as it is a corner lot. The service was fast as it was not a peak hour when we were there. We enjoyed our meal there and would definitely look forward to go back to savour something new again!

P.S: Heard that the Claypot Chicken Rice there is delicious so we would give it a try, what about you?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fish & Co.

Fish & Co. is all about fish. They are a specialty restaurant in fresh, delicious fish dishes.

One bite & you’re hooked!

Fish & Co
LG 350 Lower Ground Floor (New Wing)
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-77224928
Fax: 03-77221596

January 3, 2009. Dinner for a family of five.

We ordered 4 'the best fish & chips in town!'
1 Prawns Fettuccini with Chili Cream
1 Fried Calamari

We did not order any beverage since we weren't very thirsty and every main course comes with a complimentary glass of water.

How much?

'the best fish & chips in town!' @ RM9.90
Prawns Fe
ttuccini with Chili Cream @ RM14.90
Fried Calamari @ RM10.90

It cost us a total of RM75.55 inclusive of 10% service charge and 5% government tax.


Fried Calamari
The squid was very fresh and succulent . It was deep fried and dressed with fine chopped parsley and goes very well with the lemon juice.
It tastes nice and is a good starter.

Main Course:

'the best fish & chips in town!'
This is a fish & co. classic!
Topped with lemon butter sauce and some parsley, and served with chips.
I must say that the fish was very, very fresh. It was deep fried with batter, not bread crumbs.
The fish was crispy on the outside, enclosing its soft and flaky flesh.
I really liked the texture of the fish!
The fish goes very well with the lemon juice and tartar sauce.


The chips were topped with pinch of chili powder. However, it was a let-down as it wasn't salty at all.

The sauces. Tartar sauce and Tomato sauce
I personally like their tomato sauce a lot. It certainly is very rich in flavour.

Prawns Fettuccini with Chili Cream
Fettuccine tossed with tiger prawns in homemade chili cream sauce.
The prawns were fresh and the fettuccine were cooked just nice, it was soft and a little starchy.
The chili and the cream blends well together. This dish is spicy and creamy, giving your tongue excitement and a rich creamy taste.

However, the portion were smaller than we expected since the Fish & Chips were in big serving.

Every main course comes with a complimentary glass of water.

The service is good. The food are prepared quickly. I must say that they are generous with the food portion too, but in food presentation wise, it isn't that appealing. However, the prices are very reasonable. (DOESN'T DAMAGE YOUR POCKET TOO MUCH!)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We want to wish all our readers a blessed New Year!
May the New Year bring you and your family new hope, good health, overflowing joy, and abundant wealth.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


MFusion is one my favourite eating joint. The Restaurant's signature dish are Curry Fish and Salad Bean curd. As a food lover, we are constantly looking for nice places to have our meals yet Fusion is still one of the few restaurants we constantly come back for more. If you have not been to this place, it is worthwhile to give it a try especially the curry, I bet you would never regret!!!

Restaurant Fusion Corner
55-57, Jaln SS21/60, Damansara Utama
46300 Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-7727 3282

December 28, 2008. We brought our friend from Brisbane, Australia to Fusion; there were a total of 9 people.

We ordered a set dinner which consists of:

Curry Fish Fillet
Prawns with Garlic Boiled Egg
Yau Mak Fu Yee
Crab Meat Bean Curd
'Foo Yong' Fried Egg
Lam Yee Fried Chicken
Ice Kacang

The set dinner also includes rice.

How much?
It cost us a total of RM246.20, inclusive of tea.

Curry Fish Fillet (*highly recommended!)
This dish was definitely beyond awesome! It has a nice aromatic smell. The curry had just the right thickness. It was slightly creamy, yet wasn't too thick or oily. The fish fillet was very fresh. It's flesh were very tender and soft, and a little flaky (YUMMY!) There were vegetables such as long beans, okra (lady's finger), brinjals (egg plants) and cabbage. Besides that, 'taufu pok' can also be found in the curry. The curry was cooked to perfection and it wasn't too spicy. It was just the right taste for everyone. It was indeed a great opening dish.

Prawns with Garlic Boiled Egg
This is a very unique dish. Until now, I have only tried it in Fusion. The egg was boiled with garlic, thus giving it a very unique flavour. The prawns were fresh too. We were so engrossed with the food, until,....Oops!! we forgotten to snap a picture. Thousands apologies. ---Lame excuse!
Nevertheless, we really want to recommend this dish to all of you!

Yau Mak Fu Yee
Fu Yee (Fu yu/ Foo yu) is also known as fermented bean curd or preserved bean curd. It also has a nickname-- 'Chinese cheese' because of it's pungent aroma, smooth,creamy texture and also its saltiness. It is usually used in Chinese & Vietnamese cuisine.
Fu Yee goes well with congee, vegetables, and is a great marinating element.

Yau Mak is a version of the Romaine lettuce. The lettuce was fried well with the Fu Yee. The flavour of the Fu Yee was evenly spread throughout the dish.

Crab Meat Bean Curd
The bean curd was really soft. Once bitten, the soy dissolves in the mouth with the crab meat.
The bean curd was simmered well with the gravy.

'Foo Yong' Fried Egg
'Foo Yong' Fried Egg is a typical dish you can find in every Chinese restaurants.
It is nothing really special so we shall not comment on it.

Lam Yee Fried Chicken
Lam Yee (Nam Yee) is alike with Fu Yee (which I had mentioned above), preserved tofu, pickled tofu or fermented tofu.

The chicken meat were marinated with preserved soy bean and then deep fried.
The chicken meat has a crispy outer layer, and has a salty tasting flesh. This dish is best eaten while it's hot!

With the mouth watering curry, one would like to have more rice, as it is very appetizing indeed. The plain white rice becomes extraordinary rice when it is savoured with the curry. You can even eat it without any other dishes!

Ice Kacang
Ice Kacang is a Malay word literally translate as "Ice bean". Ice Kacang is a delicacy which is commonly found in coffee shops, hawker centre, or food stalls in Malaysia or Singapore. Ice Kacang are generally served with colorful cocktail dressings. It is made of shaved ice, red beans, sweet corn, green cendol bits, red jelly bits, grass jelly etc.

Basically, the Ice Kacang here is nothing spectacular. It is simple yet welcoming to the mouth.

The food is nice and reasonably priced. This is a good place to bring friends or love ones for a good meal.