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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sukico Hainan Cafe

We have decided to visit this restaurant after reading it from a blog.The restaurant is a bit crowded in term of space with shelves on both sides of the restaurant displaying baking ingredients. The setting of the restaurant and environment inside look rather simple and ordinary but I must say that the place is very clean. The restaurant serves both Chinese's Hainanese food and Western food. The food is really nice and unique especially the "Chicken Gordon Bleu". However, the service is a little slow. One need to be patient to enjoy good food.

We have the privilege to strike a conversation with the owner of the restaurant, Mr. H. H. Tan, nicknamed "cowboy". He surely is a very humble, down-to-earth and friendly gentlemen having a lot of passion for his work. He takes pride that all his food in the restaurant is done without any preservative.


Sukico Hainan Cafe
59G, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Mr. H. H. Tan, nicknamed "cowboy", the owner of Sukico Hainan Cafe


December 6, 2008. Dinner for a family of 5

We ordered 2 Grilled Fish Fillet,
3 Chicken Gordon Bleu,
2 Lemon Tea
1 Lime + Asam drink,
1 Lime Juice,
1 Chrysanthemum drink.

How much?
Grilled Fish Fillet @ RM11.80
Chicken Gordon Bleu @ RM14.80

The whole meal cost us RM79.80

Lemon Tea

Lime + Asam drink

Lime juice

Chrysanthemum drink

Grilled Fish Fillet
This dish is served along with french fries, mixed vegetables, a piece of lemon and some tartar sauce.
The batter was well done. It wasn't thick, it was a little flaky and crunchy.
Upon cutting the fish fillet, one can feel the tenderness of the fish meat. The fish meat was fresh and surprisingly, very soft.

The restaurant weren't stingy with the lemon. They gave us a quarter of a lemon.
One can get a better taste of the grilled fish by squeezing the lemon on top of it. The lemon juice enhances the flavour of the dish.

Chicken Gordon Bleu
The chicken is stuffed with cheese and turkey ham, served with french fries and mixed vegetables. The dish also comes with a special sauce that is specially prepared by the chefs themselves. You can't get it elsewhere!

Inside the chicken,

A closer look! Wow, yummy!

You can see slices of turkey ham stuffed inside the chicken, with melted cheese oozing out of the chicken.
This is a very unique way of making Chicken Gordon Bleu in Malaysia.
Upon serving, one can see the steam coming out from the dish and when eaten while it's hot, the chicken meat is very tender.
The chicken goes very well with the turkey ham and cheese. When the hot special sauce is poured over the Chicken Gordon Bleu, it enriches the taste of the dish. It was fabulous!

This dish takes some time to be prepared as the chef rolls the cheese and turkey ham with their bare hands.

Did you notice that all the dishes weren't served along with coleslaw or salad but mixed vegetables?
That makes their dishes unique. It is a like a cross-over of oriental and western food.

The mixed vegetables comes in a very small portion of carrots, button mushrooms and radish.

Comments: We enjoyed our meal here. The food were great and the prices were reasonable. We would like to come back again some time! (Maybe Christmas Eve? ). After having a chat with Mr. Tan, we found him extremely strict with his cafe's cleanliness and he always puts his customers' health as his first concern.

P.S: Sukico Hainan Cafe will be having a Christmas Eve set dinner on the 24th Dec 2008 at 7.30PM at the price of RM29.00 per person.

For more information, contact Mr H.H Tan at 03 – 77288381 or 012-2777138.

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