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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Dome is located inside the One Utama Shopping complex. It is a nice place to go for lunch, tea or dinner especially if you are having shopping as part of your agenda. The food is nice and reasonable in price. If you ask me if I would go back again, the answer is a definately a big "YES".


Dome Cafe (Old Wing, near TGV Cinemas)
Co. No: 353069-U
Bandar Utama, Selangor, Malaysia
(Tel: 77263910)

November 29 2008. Dinner for a family of five.

We ordered 1 Fish & Chips
1 Club Sandwich
1 Spicy Olio-Chicken with Linguini
1 Lamb Stew with Cashew Nuts
1 Chicken Penne
We also ordered 5 glasses of water which was complementary.

How much?
Fish & Chips @ RM24.50
Club Sandwich @ RM21.00
Spicy Olio-Chicken with Linguini @ RM21.00
Lamb Stew with Cashew Nuts @ RM23.00
Chicken Penne @ RM21.50

The whole meal inclusive of service charge and government tax cost us RM127.65 .

Chicken Penne
This dish is served with chicken meat, mushrooms, snow peas and pennes.
The sauce is rich with the taste alike to Carbonara and was appetizing to the mouth.
The pasta was cooked to perfection, it wasn't too soft yet it was tangy.
The serving was slightly small, however it was filling to the stomach.

Club Sandwich
The Club Sandwich has sliced chicken meat marinated with pesto sauce, chicken ham, lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched in between.
It was really delicious, thanks to the chicken meat! After marinated with pesto sauce, it really tastes great and was very tantalizing to the mouth

Fish & Chips
For the first time, I actually loved salad a lot. Their salad is one of a kind, it isn't more to the sweet tooth but the sour tooth and I definitely give it two thumb-ups!
As for the fish fillet, it was great also! They did a great job with the batter, the fish was crusty and crispy. The fish meat was also very fresh and it has a very soft texture!
I would say this plate of Fish & Chips is near to perfection.

Spicy Olio-Chicken with Linguini
The Linguini was served along with chicken ham and many variety of vegetables. the chilly flakes makes it spicy and this is a no no dish for those who cannot stomach spicy food. Overall the dish is okay.

Lamb Stew with Cashew Nuts
The meat is tender and soft. The sauce on the lamb goes very well with the rice. With the steamed broccoli it maked it a perfect dish.

The food is nice and reasonable in price. The service was also good. Dome Cafe is recommendable for those who are looking for light meals.

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