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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Paramount Garden Restaurant

Paramount Garden Restaurant is a shop that specializes in pan mee. Hence it offers many variety of pan mee. Nonetheless, the shop also serves rice and even grilled fish.

55 Jalan 21/12, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

11 January 2009. We went there with another family, there are a total of nine of us.

Our orders includes dry Spinach , Carrot Mixed Pan Mee, Spinach & Carrot Mixed Pan Mee in soup and Chicken & mushroom Steamed Rice

How Much?
Spinach & Carrot Mixed Pan Mee cost RM4.60

Before I start on the food, I have to give credit to the restaurant's owner's for their liberty in providing many 'essentials' in abundance when eating in their restaurant.
That includes as seen below, vineger and chilli sauce!


Chilli sauce

Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee Dry Style
Here we have, the Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee Dry Style. You can't see much different in this Pan Mee from traditional Pan Mee. There are actually Green (Spinach) and Yellowish orange (carrot) Pan Mee in this plate. However, due to the black sauce, what you see is not much different from traditional Pan Mee. The ingredient includes anchovies (ikan billis), black fungus, sliced mushroom, minced meat with some vegetable with black sauce. If you add a little bit of vinegar and chilli, it make the taste stand out. (IT'S YUMMY!)

Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee in Soup

Here, you could see quite clearly that there are two type of Pan Mee mixed together, which is as mentioned earlier; consists of carrot and Spinach Pan Mee. The soup Pan Mee look more appetizing and presentable, not as messy as in the dry type. But if it is more about preference, both have it's own particular appealing taste.

A closer look at the Spinach & Carrot Pan Mee in soup form.

Chicken and Mushroom Steam Rice

A closer look at the chicken, mushroom Steam Rice with eggs

Not Really Traditional, Chicken and Mushroom Steam Rice.

Here is food for thought. On the menu it says steam rice, but no matter how I look at what I was served there and then, it definitely looked more like rice (un-steamed rice) on hot plate to me, unless the definition of steam rich has changed for the past, ahem.. years I've been living. Anyways steam rice or not, its the taste that matters. And boy, I wasn't disappointed. The rice was served with as per the title of the dish - naturally chicken and mushroom with egg. At first I thought the serving of chicken was small, but I was surprised that despite having only three pieces of meat, it was enough and had me full. But the star of the dish wasn't chicken nor the mushroom but the sauce it came with. The sauce is really spicy as it was cooked with dried chillies. It certainly add the extra oomph to the chicken and mushrooms as well as add more flavour to the un-steamed rice. This is a dish that is highly recommended and truly a hidden gem among the other pan mee orientated dishes that the shop offers.

If enjoy eating Pan Mee or Chicken Mushroom steam rice, it is worthwhile to pay a visit to Paramount Garden Restaurant and experience the unique taste that the restaurant has to offer for the Pan Mee and the steamed rice.

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