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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Restoran Sorn

Restoran Sorn offers a variety of food with reasonable prices. It is a good place to go for lunch. It may be crowded at peak hours, so do come early and grab a seat!

Corner of Jalan 20/14
(Behind O&S Restaurant)
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya

January 4, 2009. Lunch for a family of five.


We ordered 2 Herbal Kuih Cap
1 Roast and BBQ Pork Rice (char siew siu yoke fan)
1 Claypot Loshefun
1 Hotplate noodle

1 Fruit Rojak

How much?

Herbal Kuih Cap @ RM5.00
Roast and BBQ Pork Rice @ RM5.00
Claypot Loshefun @ RM4.50
Hotplate noodle @ RM5.00
Fruit Rojak @ RM5.00

Herbal Kuih Cap (Kuey Chap)

Herbal Kuih Cap (Kuey Chap)

Kuey Chap, is a hokkien for the word for ''Cake'' and ''Mixed or what Malaysians would like to refer as "campur". The word "cake" describes the use of rice flour in making the "kuey" (something alike with kuey teow but thicker and in small sheets); The word "mixed" describes the use of an assortment of pork parts. In Penang, Johor and Singapore, they usually use duck parts and duck based soup.

The Kuey Chap you can find here is served with lean pork, fatty pork, pork stomach, pork intestines, pork ear, 'taufu pok' and hard-boiled egg. The soup is herbal in nature and sour based chili sauce is served together to make the dish appetizing.

Roast and BBQ Pork Rice
This stall is generous with the food portion.
It comes with a bowl of vegetable soup.
It isn't anything spectacular however it is simple, presentable and filling to the stomach.

Claypot Loshefun (Loh Shee Fun) (*highly recommended!)
The Loh Shee Fun was served with ample amount of minced pork and a raw egg in the middle. Chopped spring onions were sprinkled on it too.
It was served while it's steaming hot, therefore you could see the raw egg being slowly cooked by the heat. (HOW COOL IS THAT!)
You have to stir the minced pork and the egg together to mix with the noodles.
This dish is simply delicious and is compatible with other restaurants eventhough this is only a hawker stall.
We highly recommend this dish to you!

Hot Plate Noodles
The noodles was served with chicken meat, big black mushrooms and a raw egg.
The gravy goes well with the noodles.
In my opinion, it is nothing special as compared to other hot plate noodles.

Fruit Rojak
The Rojak comes with a variety of fruits and some vegetables, including pineapple, guava, pickled mangoes, cucumber and turnips. It is mixed with a thick sauce comprising of dark soy sauce, prawn paste (har gou), sugar and crushed peanuts.

The coffee shop is clean and spacious as it is a corner lot. The service was fast as it was not a peak hour when we were there. We enjoyed our meal there and would definitely look forward to go back to savour something new again!

P.S: Heard that the Claypot Chicken Rice there is delicious so we would give it a try, what about you?

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