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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dim Sum

Hong Kee Tim Sum Restaurant
2 Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor , Malaysia


November 2, 2008. Lunch for a family of 5

We have ordered 15 plates of Dim Sum, 2 plate of 'Loh Mai Kai' (glutinous rice) and 2 'char siew pau' (steamed buns with roast pork)

How Much?
It cost us a total of RM63.00 for a whole meal.
Tim Sum cost RM3.50 per plate
Glutinous rice cost RM2.20 per plate
Char Siew Pau cost RM1.20 per piece
1 pot of Chinese Tea cost RM4.00

Dim Sum is Chinese delicacies comprises of savory assortment of dishes either steamed or deep-fried. Dishes includes a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, rice, dumpling and dessert. In the west, most people associated "yum cha" as going out for a Dim Sum meal. "Yum cha" in Cantonese means drinking tea.

Chinese Tea is a must have if you're eating Dim Sum. Sipping tea while enjoying your favourite Dim Sum will excite your appetite and have the "want more" feeling.

Char Siu Pao

Steamed egg plant with fish paste

'Siu Mai'

'har gao' ( Prawns are wrapped inside )

'yi mai' ( Made of fish paste )

We aren't sure what this is called, but it was good.

'Siu long bao'
It goes really nice with the ginger and vinegar provided.

Fried Loh Pak Ko - Fried carrot cake with bean sprout

'Wu Kok'
Deep fried yam with pork fillings inside. One of our favourites!
Fried Loh Pak Ko (Carrot Cake)

'Can bao'
Basically, it is a sweet bun filled with roast pork.

Comments: Great service. One thing we like most is, their Dim Sum are steamed on the spot for the customers. You choose the Dim Sum, and they will steam them for you right away! So, your Dim Sum would be hot and nice.
Tell me, do you prefer cold dim sums or those which are freshly out from the fires! You know your choice!

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