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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Piccadilly is a restaurant situated at Millennium Square, Section 14. Piccadilly offers a wide variety of food, from Oriental, to North Indian, Western and Japanese Cuisine, they have it all. The quality of the food is good, the serving is just nice, and the prices are reasonable. The only disappointment is that customers smoke inside the restaurant which gave us an uncomfortable feeling.

Restaurant Piccadilly Sdn Bhd
LG006 & 007, Millennium,
Dataran Millennium, Petaling Jaya
98, Jalan 14/1, Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

We have ordered 4 glasses of Lemon Tea
1 X BBQ Chicken Chop
1 X Chicken Katsu Bento
1 X Grilled Fish Fillet
2 X Teriyaki chicken Bento

How much?
Lemon Tea @ RM2.00
BBQ Chicken Chop @ RM9.90
Chicken Katsu Bento @ RM11.00
Grilled Fish Fillet @ RM 11.90
Teriyaki chicken Bento @ RM12.00

The whole meal inclusive of Service charge cost us RM71.30

Hot Lemon Tea
The tea blends well with the honey and lemon. It isn't too sweet nor too sour, it was a perfect drink to go with the food!

The Teriyaki Chicken Bento comes with a bowl of soup and a plate of sliced watermelon.
It is also served along with tofu and pickled vegetables.
The tofu was really excellent. It was really soft and it literally 'melts' in your mouth.

A bowl of Japanese soup
There were also cubes of tofu inside the soup.
double yummy!

A plate of slice watermelon

Chicken Katsu Bento

BBQ Chicken Chop
The chicken chop comes with coleslaw and fries.
The fries here are compatible with the one you get in McDonalds!
The chicken was tender and goes well with the BBQ sauce.

Grilled Fish Fillet
The fish fillet comes with some salad and fries.
The fish was soft and the lemon sauce was nice.
However, it wasn't as nice as what I've expected.
Nevertheless, it was a great dish

This is a place where we could basically find all variety of food (close to 100 types ) under one roof. The food is reasonably priced. The only setback is that they allow smokers to puff inside the air conditional area which is really unacceptable. Nevertheless, it is a great place to go for either lunch or dinner.

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