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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pan Mee


Bao Bao Restaurant at Aman Suria, along Jalan PJU 1/43, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

This restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday. The place is always packed during lunch time. We arrived at the restaurant around 12.55pm, but we did not have any difficulties looking for car parks. The restaurant serves various variety of Pan Mee. It is a nice place to go for lunch with good food and affordable prices.


November 13, 2008. Me and my friend.


We ordered two bowls of dry Spicy Garlic Pan Mee and two glasses of Chinese tea.

How much?

It cost RM4.80 for a small bowl of Pan Mee

RM5.50 for a big bowl of Pan Mee

The dry Spicy Garlic Pan Mee comes with a bowl of soup.
The soup contains a poach egg and some vegetables.

Spicy garlic Pan Mee
This bowl of Pan Mee contains Pan Mee of course, fish balls, minced meat, anchovies, and some dry chilly.
The Pan Mee comes in different types of noodle depending on the customer's preference.

These are spices that goes well with the Pan Mee.
Included are soy sauce, pepper, green chilly, sambal and their self-made chilly.

Comments: Good service provided. Despite the restaurant is packed during lunch hour, it did not take a long time for the food to be served. The prices of the food are reasonable and definitely affordable! I enjoyed my meal here and would like to come back again.

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